UG-1002M Generator is designed for use with high-power ultrasonic transducers commonly used in washers and equipment for welding and cutting of materials, chemical reactors, etc. The specific properties of these transducers cause that each generator is matched to a particular transmitter ie its frequency and input impedance characteristics. The generator can be controlled manually - from the front panel or remotely - via DB15 connector located on the rear panel.

Standard equipment:

- Generator Module UG-1002M
- The power cable
- Cable to connect the ultrasound transducer

Technical data:

Operating frequency: 34 600 Hz
Automatically adjust range: 34 000 - 35 000Hz
Minimum output voltage:  < 200Vpp
Maximum output voltage: 1500Vpp
Power output: 1000W*
Therange of permissible load impedance: 100 - 500Ω
Supply voltage: 230VAC
Fuse, time delay: 10A

dimensions [mm]: 233x121x370
Weight: 8kg

*- *-Measured at 250Ω capacitive impedance (ca. -30°)