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Measurement systems - ultrasonic test equipment

On special offer you can find complete ultrasonic testing systems for non destructive testing and other measuring purposes.

- Machine for the measurement of a large amount of spot welds at once, for the use on the production line
- System for plastic pipes measurement during production
- Gear wheel testing
- Special ultrasonic refractometer
- Ultrasonic tomography for measurement of thickness of hardened layer on steel shafts
- Plate thickness testing
- System for delamination detection in wooden chip plates
- Scanners
- Vibration measurement with ultrasound
- Multichannel system for measurement of oil parameters
- System for ultrasonic supported drilling process

We are naturally offering you our NDT (ultrasonic) boards and ultrasonic boxes with USB 2.0 interface, together with ultrasonic transducers.

We are able to design and manufacture for you non destructive testing system, that suits your needs.