OPGEN is ultrasonic continuous wave generator
with a frequency of 1 MHz and 30W of maximum power.

Dedicated ultrasound head is available.

Generator has opportunity to work with specialized software package.

On customer request, the parameters of the generator can be adapted
to specific requirements.



- Continuously adjustable frequency of generated wave;
- Stepless power control;
- Measurement of output parameters:

• current,
• voltage,
• power,
• phase shift between current and voltage;

- Dimensions: 300x240x90 mm;
- Remote control: RS232;
- Cooperation with specialized software package, running on
the Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/VISTA/7.0;
- Power supply: 230V/50Hz;
- Power consumption: 80VA.

Technical Data:

Operating frequency: 900 - 1100kHz. regulated, 1kHz
Shape of output signal: Sinus wave shape
Signal amplitude: 20V
Output power: max 30W
Output power range: 0.1W - 30W (0 - 100%)
Output impedance: 10 - 20Ω

Ultrasonic head:
Impedance at resonance: 12Ω
Resonance frequency: 979 kHz
diameter of the transducer plate: 25mm
Cable length: 2m