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Standard Software

Software for our products is available on request.
Please specify the model and serial number of the device or measurement system.

Ultrasonic instruments:

OPCARD - Ultrasonic Testing Card (PC Board)
OPCON - Ultrasonic Testing Card (Board)
OPKUD 01/100 - Ultrasonic Testing Card OPKUD-01/100

Ultrasonic testing boxes (Flaw Meters):

OPBOX 1/100 USB 2.0 - Ultrasonic Testing Box
OPBOX 01/100 - Ultrasonic Testing Box
OPBOXex 01/100 - Ultrasonic Testing Box

Industrial systems for quality control:

OPIPE - System for measurement of plastic pipes during production (extrusion)
SCANNERS - Ultrasonic laboratory scanner

Power generator:

UG - S/A
UG 500 ZG