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OPeBeamCtrl ver 3
Semiautomatic Ultrasonic System
For Controlling electronic beam welded Gear Housing


OPeBeamCtrl ver 3 was developed for non destructive testing of quality of electronic beam welded gear housing.  
Test set contains:
•  Industrial PC with robust keyboard;
•  Ultrasonic Card OPCARD2.0;
•  Ultrasonic Multiplexer OPMUX02;
•  Barcode reader;
•  Control unit;
•  Ultrasonic scanner.
•  Software

Features Technical Data

- two kinds of movement – linear one and rotary one;
- exchangeable ultrasonic probs;
- exchangeable grips for tested items;
- Industrial PC with Touchscreen;
- robust, oil resistant keypad;
- Barcode reader;
- Specialized Software Package for Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/VISTA/7.0;
- communication: USB 1.1, USB 2.0;
- power supply 230V/50Hz.

Rotary movement:
- circulation range: 360 Grad
- unlimited number or rotation
- resolution: - adjustable: 432 to 65535 points per 360°

Linear movement:
- movement range: 140 mm
- resolution: 0,01mm

Ultrasonic probes:
- 5MHz with 50mm focus
- 5MHz with 60mm focus
- Dimensions of scanner container: 400 x 450 mm


Tested item put in measuring position

in the water container of ultrasonic scanner.


Gear housing under test, below you can see
ultrasound probe.

Exchangeable grips for tested items.

Measurement Panel with the specified error in the welding area, a description of the size of the error and the percentage of  errors in relation to the total angular extent. Software is in the able to specify the size and type of error and precise
indicate its location and influence on weld strength.
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