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OPBG 600
For Special Applications


Ultrasonic power generator OPBG 600 together with appropriate ultrasound probe create the ideal tool for applications where continuous operation
as well as the burst operation is required. It can be used by searching for underground facilities, inspection of plates with high attenuation, etc.

Technical Data

Frequency range: 10kHz do 20kHz
Resolution of frequency
setting: 2Hz
Max. Output power: 600W *)
Max. Output Voltage: 1000V
Max. load current: 15A
Burst repetition: 0.1s - 1s
Resolution of repetition setting: 0.1s
Number pulses in burst: 1 - 200
Resolution of number setting: 1
Power supply: 230 VAC /50Hz
opportunity to work with specialized
software package, running on the Windows
95/98/ME/2000/XP/VISTA/7.0 environment;
serial configuration port: USB 2.0.
Bandwidth:  0 – 40kHz
Amplifier:  -20 to 67dB
Preamplifier:  24dB, -24dB, 0dB
Channels:  2
Power Supply:  9V/1A

Frequency:  15kHz
Max. output power by continuous operation: > 2k

*) as frequency analyzer of transducer

Overview OPBG 600

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